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Docs/ology promotes documentary films that authentically and thoughtfully explore the truth about the human condition with excellence, artistry, and substance.

With so many documentary films being released each year it is nearly impossible to dissect the merely good and the great ones. So we created Docs/ology to help moviegoers know which films are the most praise-worthy — whether on your TV or in movie theaters. Through concise film reviews, features and interviews plus our ‘Docs/ology Award,’ Docs/ology will help you discover the films most deserving of your time.

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Human Flow

Directed by international art icon and activist Ai Weiwei. Attempts to correctly reckon the scope of the refugee crisis in the world today.

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Faces Places

Follows filmmaker Agnés Varda and photographer JR as they explore French cities & villages in order to capture and preserve the faces and places.

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Heroes of the Long Road Home

Heroes of the Long Road Home shows how soldiers involved in the Iraq battle ‘Black Sunday’ cope with their scars and the aftermath of those events.

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Follows primatologist and anthropologist Jane Goodall through the eyes of wildlife photographer Hugo van Lawick.

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Chasing Coral

How does climate change affect one of the world’s most diverse and important ecosystems, and what does it mean for future generations?

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Imba Means Sing

Each year 20 African children are hand-selected to join the African Children’s Choir and travel across North America, singing and dancing their way into audience’s hearts.

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Last Chance U

If you got a second chance but knew that second chance was also your last chance, what would you do with it?

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