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Docs/ology promotes, creates and distributes documentary films and other "true stories" of exceptional artistic quality and substance.

With a focus on projects that authentically explore the human condition and affirm the dignity of all people, Docs/ology seeks to connect smart films with ‘soulful’ people.

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The Heart of Nuba

The Heart of Nuba chronicles the life of a community of Catholic aid workers and the Nuba peoples who surround, work, and are helped by the hospital.

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‘Hondros’ is not just an informative piece of nonfiction filmmaking; it is also a tribute to a man who was remarkable for reasons beyond his bravery and facility with a camera.

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Summer in the Forest

‘Summer in the Forest’ reminds us of the simplicity of life—how simple and beautiful it is to love someone, to work with our hands, to play with our friends, and to laugh, learn, and remember.

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Strangers on the Earth

Strangers on the Earth, which accompanies thousands of pilgrims as they traverse the Camino de Santiago in northern Spain, is expansive, making room for all to participate in this ancient, devotional act of faith.

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The Heretic

The Heretic tells Rob Bell’s story, focusing on his teachings – why it appeals to so many and also why his teaching has branded him a “heretic” among others.

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25 IN 24

Performing 25 shows in 24 hours, SWITCHFOOT frontman Jon Foreman dives headlong into the paradox of order and chaos that forms music.

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Cyclist and filmmaker Bryan Fogel set off to uncover the truth about doping in his sport, but the truth took him on a ride he never anticipated.

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A judge, a fire chief, and a local ministry leader are the three pillars of hope that this 2018 Oscar-nominated documentary Heroin(e) highlights.

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Quest follows its subjects over the course of nearly a decade, fostering with the audience a connection that comes only through dedicated consideration.

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One of Us

One of Us gives a raw and rare behind-the-scenes look into the Hasidic community in Brooklyn, New York.

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Human Flow

Directed by international art icon and activist Ai Weiwei. Attempts to correctly reckon the scope of the refugee crisis in the world today.

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Faces Places

Follows filmmaker Agnés Varda and photographer JR as they explore French cities & villages in order to capture and preserve the faces and places.

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Heroes of the Long Road Home

Heroes of the Long Road Home shows how soldiers involved in the Iraq battle ‘Black Sunday’ cope with their scars and the aftermath of those events.

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Follows primatologist and anthropologist Jane Goodall through the eyes of wildlife photographer Hugo van Lawick.

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Chasing Coral

How does climate change affect one of the world’s most diverse and important ecosystems, and what does it mean for future generations?

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Imba Means Sing

Each year 20 African children are hand-selected to join the African Children’s Choir and travel across North America, singing and dancing their way into audience’s hearts.

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Last Chance U

If you got a second chance but knew that second chance was also your last chance, what would you do with it?

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If you are a documentary filmmaker looking to connect with your audience, please send us a note. Won’t You Be My Neighbor?, Free Solo, The Biggest Little Farm, The Story of God with Morgan Freeman, Strange Negotiations, Jump Shot, Cosmos: Possible Worlds, Dark Waters and Jane are among the many award-winning films, television and festival favorites we represent and we’d love to help you too!

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